[3KLW13] LANDSCAPE WORLD 造景世界13 SPECIAL: Landscape Architect_ Sasaki Associates, Inc.   
原價 : $ 750
特惠價 : $ 675
【 目錄】

●Climate anomaly and landscape urbanism

●Yeoju Premium Outlets

◎PUBLIC DESIGN_Subway Station
●Sakura cafe
●Gwangju Spring Flower Expo 2008

●Xi Gallery

●Landscape Architect_ Sasaki Associates, Inc.

◎THEME _ Lighting Scape
●University Campus of Brandenburg University Cottbus
●Damyang Resorts
●Dream & Green in Dongtan, Hwaseong
●Anyang Public Art Project

●Innovative Design Competition for Jarvis Slip Public Space

ISBN : 9788957702178 規格 : 彩色/平裝/160頁/英、韓文
出版日期 : 2008